Vulnerabilities You Should Check in Your Apps

July 17, 2017 / GuidesFor Team

With how the world works today, companies have made it a point to protect not only their own data, but their customers’ as well. Innovations in application security have made that possible. Many of them have been made to be comparable to the walls of Troy,: strong, impenetrable, impregnable. But also just like Troy, most cyber security  tools only fortify the outside walls— and just like the Mycenaean invaders before them, hackers are now thinking of ways to cripple security from the inside.

TechRepublic has discussed how data breaches could negatively impact a company. Examples are lost records, or company information being compromised. And depending on the type of breach, not only will a breach hurt your company’s reputation, again, just like Troy, a breach might cost you everything.

One way to secure your defenses is to check your inner level of strength. That means checking your app vulnerabilities. Some of them can be overlooked, and fatally so. Read the following to make sure you don’t miss out on these few.. – Robert Cabigao

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