This is Why You Need Application Security

July 17, 2017 / GuidesFor Team

In the primitive days of pre-millenial technology, back when there were no smartphones and computers were as big as boxes, the level of online security did not depend a great deal on the company’s internet connection.

Today is the total opposite. With technological advances reaching new heights almost everyday, people have been finding new ways to connect every aspect of their life online. More advances in technology means more people are also utilizing them, and the more people use technology,  the more it generates data, data that needs protecting from cyber hackers and identity thieves.

That’s why application security is now considered an important aspect. The stronger the app security, the less the likelihood of a security breach. Many developers now address their app’s security from the beginning stages of programming. According to WindowsITPro, in the past, security was only considered as an afterthought when crafting an application. Starting 2014, however, people from the IT industry have broken the trend and have put more emphasis on security earlier —during an application’s building process.

It goes to show that business owners and IT pros have finally realized the importance of security in this increasingly dangerous technological age. Read on to find out more. – Robert Cabigao

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