Top 10 Application Vulnerabilities that Can Compromise Your Mobile Systems

March 15, 2017 / GuidesFor Team

Security Magazine points out that bug bounty efforts are reaping huge rewards. No less than giants like Microsoft are offering hundreds of thousands of dollars to those who can spot unknown bugs like accessible databases or erroneous codes that can damage their systems sometime in the unpredictable future. The need for bug bounties has refocused attention on the most damaging application vulnerabilities—and mobile applications have come under the spotlight. Mobile devices are popular, convenient, and yet have very little protection. Data can be hacked, and even conversations can be listened to. Sensitive recordings can be pilfered. Your organization may not yet be in need of a bounty hunter, but it would help if you check the level of vulnerability that your mobile applications are exposed to. Find out if you have one or more of these top 10 application vulnerabilities in your mobile systems. Read on for more. – Cora Llamas.

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